Our goal is to provide the best quality of production even with same day editing. Meechelle was sharing on her Facebook that how much she appreciated our effectiveness and amazed by this finished production. What do you think?

California - Half Moon Bay | Monica & Richard

Monica and Richard’s wedding can truly express the beauty of cinematic photography. With the never ending coast of Pacific Ocean and the spectacular European landmarks, their wedding was even more glorious than we expected. This is one the most extraordinary productions that we are very proud of. (Don’t forget to also check out their wedding video here.)

California - Escondido | Claire & Nathan

Claire and Nathan got married in a winery. The winery is a Cordiano winery that is located in the northern highland valleys, in Escondido. This winery is a family based business and was based on love. It was the perfect place for the wedding of Claire and Nathan. Cordiano winery fulfills all their requirements and the winery reflect love. It was made even better with the arrangements and decorations. The immensely happy bride looked stunning. It was difficult for anybody to take their eyes off her. The couple looked like they belong to each other. If they hadn’t been together, it would seem like there is a piece missing but it was planned for these two grooved souls to meet and make a perfect match. The happiness was not only about the wedding, but about finding the one who can love one another unconditionally. We were thrilled to be able to capture all the loving moment for these two love birds. Best wished to this couples on their wonderful journery as they build their new lives together.

California - Chino Hills | Amanda & Kevin

The wedding of Amanda and Kevin took place the Chino Hills at the Vellano Country Club. It was a perfect combination of two people who are very much in love. The glow on the face of Amanda was a guarantee of her happiness with this marriage and the love for Kevin. The couple looked stunning and had a great time, dancing on the songs they loved. 

Wedding is a beautiful feeling. The feeling of security. The feeling of protection and the feeling of being loved. We wish them a happy wedding and happily ever after. 

California - San Diego | Mary & Daniel

Mary and Daniel invited our team to San Diego Golf Club for their big day photo session. What is a perfect moment? Is it mother and daughter’s love? Is it when the couple exchanging vows? Is it the first kiss or first dance? To Mary and Daniel, perfect moments will be all of the above. Your wedding day should be perfect in many different ways, let our team makes it even more perfect for you!

California - San Diego | Vanessa & Alex

Your smile is the only thing I see, always and forever. It was such a joyful wedding of Vanessa and Alex, here at the Balboa Park, we see nothing the pure love of this cheerful couple. Every picture was coated with their happiness. Thank you again for having us!

California -Grapevine Arbor | Pricela & Josue

Every piece of detail shows a touch of love by the couple. Pricela and Josue spent lots of time and effort in planning their fantastic wedding, and our team made it last forever in the most perfect way. In showing appreciation, everyone enjoyed the wedding and had amazing memories together.

California New Port | Farmer & YiWen

Farmer and YiWen tied the knot at the Marina Park, Newport. The lovely breezy weather at the port and the background with full of sips and the water added the next level to their wedding. This wedding was a delightful affair and the two were seen deeply in love. Marriage is that bond which you decide to step in when you finally meet the one, the one without whom you feel incomplete and the one whose soul meets yours without the effort of making it work and then comes the wedding vows. The vows to stick by each other’s sides forever. The vows to be loyal and honest with each other. We are honoured to be able to captures all this loving moment for Farmer and Yiwen, we wish them nothing but a life time of happiness.

California Chino Hills |Chaney and Zachery

Chaney and Zachery got married in Chino Hills at the Velano Country club. The Velano Country Club in Chino Hills is surely a perfect place to fill in your fairytale wedding dreams. The place and the atmosphere was perfect for the wedding. It all went perfect with the bride and the groom enjoyed the most with their families and friends. It was a fun wedding while the bride looked like an absolute goddess. The perfectly tailored stunning dress fitted her well and the groom also had a glow of ensuring happiness. Wedding is a strong bond that ascends you to the next level into your relation. This makes your partner your first priority and the security that he will be there for you through thicks and thins. Thank you for allowing us to capture and share in this joyful day, we wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.

California - Newport Beach | Macy & Thomas

Getting married is the beginning of a new journey of life. Macy and Thomas decided to host their wedding at The Ambassador Yacht because they wanted to exchange vows under the magnificent sunset surrounded by the crystal clear blue ocean. Our team was so honored to be part of this glamorous wedding!

California - San Francisco | Natasha & Carlos

Perfect wedding with a perfect weather for this perfect couple! With the help of the golden sunshine, Natasha and Carlos were dazzling on their big day. Words can’t even describe how beautiful these pictures are. It’s our pleasure to be part of this perfect day!

California - Riverside | Diana & Armando

Diana and Armando hired us when we met the first time, they were impressed by how much details we covered throughout a wedding. From the bridal party preparation, wedding ceremony till the wedding reception and after party, our team will be always at the right position to capture the best of your merry memories!

California - Arcadia | Sher & Issac

The Arboretum and Botanic Garden is a historical site nestled into hills near the San Gabriel Mountains. Sher and Issac was planning a outdoor wedding when they came across us from Facebook. After discussion, we shared same concept on how we wanted it to be done. We were so glad that we can fully reveal their simple elegant love story with our cameras.

California - Newport Coast | Ci Ci & Samson

At this luxury Pelican Hill Resort, we had a great pleasure to help Ci Ci and Samson with their wedding photo and video production. Every girl has their own idea of a dream wedding, with this beautiful lawn surrounded by the incredible ocean front view, Ci Ci was teary when we showed her our production, because we made her dream wedding last forever! (Don’t forget to also check out their wedding video here.)

California - Beverly Hill | Jenny & Peter

Everything happens for a reason. Jenny and Peter got our contact through their florist, when they were struggling to find the best production team in town, we showed up and helped them with their wedding photos and videos. This is one of the most romantic and gorgeous outdoor weddings we have done. Each wedding is very unique, same as our production, we tailor it to make the best match of every bride and groom. (Don’t forget to also check out their wedding video here.)

California - Los Angeles | Rhoda & Vic

The lavish wedding of Rhoda and Vic took place in the Pine Tea House and garden. The beautiful location and the extravagant arrangements added some more glitter to the event and the bride and groom, who were the stars of their special day. The families and friends was there to celebrate their happiness as they stepped into the new journey in life. The couple had everything you want to see in a happy couple. They were fun, loved each other and matched each other so well. The Pine Tea House and the garden were beautifully set to make this event even more delightful. And as the couple got married, the event continued with the dance and the celebrations with the friends and family. It was surely an incredible event where everyone enjoyed a lot. We were honoured to be there to capture this special day for Rhoda and Vic, we wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness.

California - Rancho Cucamonga | Sofia & Robert

The cute couple Sofia and Robert got married in the Christmas house, Rancho Cucamonga. This beautiful place was everything that you want to have in your fairy-tale wedding. Everything was filled with love and it was a great decision by Sofia and Robert to start their happy life from such a stunning place. We were thrilled to witness the cheerfulness and joy on the faces of the family and friends along with Robert when Sofia walked down to aisle. It was a perfect sight and make all the guests emotional. The dress was so stunning that you cannot help yourself and take your eyes off from the gorgeous bride. She looked incredible and had the biggest smile which became the most expensive jewelery on her and shined more than anything. The joy and the cheerfulness of the wedding continued with the reception where both of them looked fabulous and dance all night with the family and friends. The two love birds had so much love for each other. We wish them a blessed next chapter of life; a life that is full of love, care, and support.