Engagement Photography



Most photographers take pictures. We tell stories. Let us tell yours.

We are inspired by your story and as passionate as you are about making it comes to life. This passion fuels our desire to truly get to know you, understand your love, and tell your unique story on your special day. You deserve to be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do and creating unique art specific to you. Let us tell your beautiful story in the most elegant way.

Paris - Musee D’Orsay | Ines & Theo

Ines and Theo contacted us on Instagram because they like how we do engagement photography in a creative, fun and romantic way. Our team flew to Paris and met this lovely couple. After sharing some of their love stories with us, we decided to start at their apartment in Paris, then we headed over to the lovely Beaurepaire Cafe, finally we ended our shoot at the famous Musee d’Orsay, the place where Theo proposed to Ines. Till now, we are still receiving lots of compliments from this heartwarming story we did and we hope to tell yours next!!

Paris - Montrouge | Eva & Adrien

Last year, we went back to Paris to shoot this touching love story for Eva and Adrien. One of the productions we did in Paris caught their attention; they were amazed by the outstanding quality of our engagement photography. Montrouge is a town located in the southern fringes of the French capital of Paris; it’s famous for the 19-century cityscape. We did many close-up for them, their smiles are just simply unbeatable. Each time they look at each other, it seems like the rest of the world does not matter anymore. We were moved by how deeply in love they are and we were glad to be there to capture all those priceless moments.


Paris - Eiffel Tower | Adrianna & Arthur

We met Adrianna and Arthur back in 2017 in Paris. They said our team was highly recommended by another couple who did the engagement session with us previously. We felt so honored to be invited over to France for another shooting, we really appreciate all the trust and compliments. We did the shooting mainly at the most iconic Eiffel Tower and the absolutely stunning bridge Pont Alexandre III.With the natural filter called sunset, we had an amazing session with Adrianna and Arthur, numerous magnificent moments were captured. Congrats again to Mr. A and Mrs. A!!!

Olga & Neil @ San Francisco

Neil and Olga met each other at works 4 years ago and were in love with each other immediately. After spending the passage of 4 years together, Neil got down on his knees and proposed to Olga. After the proposal, Olga contact us through social media and hire us to capture their engagement in this beautiful city San Francisco, it was a typical day in San Francisco, the couple had their mesmerizing photoshoot at Palace of fine Art and Baker Beach. Both place had added another level of aesthetics and the pictures came out gorgeous. The couple enjoyed the shoot and the atmosphere. It was their day and we made sure they had the best of it. We wish them a happy engagement and a blessed and happy life forever.

California - Fresno | Laura & Ryan

When falls comes, the nature starts to change its colors, and we are here at the most incredible rustic wedding venue, separating ourselves and the rest of the world. Laura and Ryan both are passionate travelers, they have been to many beautiful places around the world and finally decided to have their wedding session taken at this stunning rustic ranch in Fresno, California. They also told us that not only them, all their friends and families love our pictures so much that they want us to take their family portrait there as well. Thank you again Laura and Ryan !



California - San Francisco | Megan and Nick


Megan and Nick is an adorably cute couple who believed in the power of love and decided to get engaged. Their journey full of adventures began from San Fransisco. The place they live in. There are many similarities in the personalities of both Megan and Nick, both love sports and especially basketball. It looks like they are the perfect match for each other. The happiness reflected well on their faces and the glow was everything. The gorgeous couple looked amazing at their engagement. Their fun personality matches each other so much that it seemed like their souls grooved so well. The location of the engagement shoot was the Westin Hotel and the San Fransisco city hall. Both of these locations are classic and yet historical. The classic vibe collided well with contemporary dresses. Megan looked absolutely gorgeous and the big smile oh her face shined more than anything. The beautiful couple started their journey and we wish them a happy life ever after.



California - San Francisco | Candy & Francisco


Yes! It is about time for Candy and Francisco. The adorable couple got engaged. Candy and Francisco both studied at UCLA for grad school, Candy is a Ph.D. from UCLA while Fransisco is an internal medicine doctor. They have been so connected to the place that the decision to have their engagement shoot at UCLA. It holds a great place in life of both Candy and Francisco. The lovely couple had a fun shoot at UCLA. The shoot was super casual yet the glow and the love between the two were clearly visible. There is one more place that they both love. Candy and Francisco love the beaches in Southern California and the atmosphere of the beach. The serenity and the tranquility are what they love the most. Also, Malibu holds a prominent place in their heart. They decided to have some of their photos there. The vibe and the lovely weather of the beach worked so well for them and the picture came out incredible. The love and the bond of friendship Candy and Francisco had between each other was exemplary. We wish them a very happy engagement and a life full of adventures.



California - San Francisco City Hall | Jackie & Tim

It was our honor to shoot this engagement session for Jackie and Tim. San Francisco City Hall is one of the masterpieces in Architecture history and it also plays a role as the best known scene in many films. Jackie was wearing this beautiful gown custom made by a famous designer based in LA. She was amazed by those gorgeous details of her gown being fully shown off from our pictures. With years of experiences in commercial and product shooting, our team will capture the detail even when you miss it. Congrats again to Jackie and Tim .. 



California - Pasadena City Hall | Amelia & Erik

Amelia and Erik were referred by their cousin, they first contacted us through our website and 5 months later we met each other at the world famous roses city Pasadena. At this historical city hall, we were telling their romantic story in their unique way. Erik was blew away when we showed him the picture of his back filled with meaniful tattoos, they were overjoyed to see the chemistry of love from the pictures. Can you feel their love too?

California - Malibu | Jason & Karen

Jason and Karen are the perfect match. They are the combination of an introvert and extrovert. When I met them at the studio, I could that both Karen and Jason are equally excited for the engagement. Karen has an outgoing character, during our meeting she told us many of their happy moments with Jason. While Jason was the complete opposite. He was quiet and has a relaxed personality. They formed a happy couple and are incredibly happy and satisfied with each other. Moreover, Jason is the first born and the first one to get married in his family. They are immensely happy and contented about their decision and looking forward to the wedding. The engagement shoot happened on a beach. Karen wore a flowing beach dress and she looked amazing. The vibe matched well with the beach and the pictures of the adorable couple came out lovely. Thank you for allowing us to capture this special moment and we can’t wait to celebrate and capture their wedding day for them.

California - Walt Disney Concert Hall | Karen & Jesse


One day we received a call from Karen and she was planning her wedding in half year, our name came across her mind because she loves the film and pictures we did for her friend’s wedding. Karen and Jesse said it was such a great pleasure working with our team, they were super nervous before the engagement session but all the pictures came out lively. Now their headache is to pick which one to put at the reception area since they love each one of them.

California - Pasadena City Hall | Helen & Alex


After doing a thorough research, Helen and Alex hired our team to take the engagement pictures for them because we have the best production quality in LA. It was our pleasure working with this lovely couple. At the presentation of these dreamlike pictures, Alex said he fell in love with Helen all over again. With our magic hands, we brought Helen & Alex’s fairy tale story to life .

California - Malibu | Stacy & Kevin


California is famous for its clear sky and blue ocean, here we are, shooting at one of the most spectacular scenic spots in Southern California, Malibu. Stacy contacted us on Facebook because she loves our pictures taken by the ocean. Thanks to the beautiful weather, we were lucky to get some breathtaking photos taken, turning each of their simple but powerful intimate interaction to a keepsake that can be passed on to their next generation. Are you ready to transform your golden moments to legacy ?

California - Sheraton Hotel | Priscilla & Evandro


They don’t live in a castle but he will always be Priscilla’s prince and she will always be Evandro’s princess. From her hair to her makeup and to her gown, Priscilla was struggling before settling down with this simply gorgeous fairy tale look. This amazing couple gave us the biggest compliment by saying we made their dream comes true! Thank you again for having us !! 

California - San Diego Balboa Park | Sofia & Dominic


If you are looking for something simple, casual and yet extraordinary elegant, you have the same thought as Sofia and Dominic. They messaged us on Instagram about a few months ago; and last week we did this amazing engagement session for them. They were overjoyed to see these finalized pictures, they just look like top models from a fashion magazine but presented in their unique and natural style.


California - Kid Gloves Boxing | Rhoda & Victor

This time our team traveled to Simi Valley for this fun and one-of-a-kind engagement session of Rhoda and Victor. Victor is an awesome boxing trainer, there is no other places can better represent their love story than the boxing gym. Boxing is about keep moving forward and never give up. That’s exactly how the love are between Rhoda and Victor. What an amazing session with you guys and we look forward to your big day !!