If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must be worth a million.
Bringing imagination to life is our most important aspiration. With Eric Chiu Production, you will live your event forever.Wedding

For the bride-to-be, wedding is a special occasion that should be documented for posterity. You need a wedding videographer who can capture the mood, emotions and essence of the event in unique ways.

With years of experience in documentary wedding videos, love stories and short films, Eric produces great results creating the best frame of the couple and telling stories in an entirely unique style.

What really sets him apart from an average wedding photographer is his aerial drone service and his ability to use drone to capture the events in ways that make them uniquely memorable.



California - Half Moon Bay | Monica & Richard 10.7.2017

One of the most spectacular weddings that we have done was in Half Moon Bay Country Club. Absolutely gorgeous view by the cliff, Monica and Richard both looked stunning on their big day! We were proud to made their memories of love last forever!

California - Los Angeles | Tanya & Scott 10.22.2016

Tanya and Scott’s wedding were magnificent! At this luxurious historic hotel Millennium Biltmore, many of their golden moments were captured by the magical production team and transformed into this amazing love movie of them two.

California - Beverly Hill | Jenny & Peter 9.30.2017

Wedding vows are promises made to each other within a couple during the ceremony. Jenny and Peter’s wedding was filled with the strongest love, the greatest passion and the finest elegance. It’s our great pleasure to bring their love story to life.

California - Claremont | Holly & Johnny 2.12.2017

Padua Hills Theatre is a lovely Spanish-Colonial building built in the 1930s. With the breathtaking sunset view, Holly and Johnny’s hosted their most romantic and entertaining wedding there. We’re honored to be part of their most memorable moment of life.

California - Newport Coast | Ci Ci & Samson 10.15.2017

What is more astounding than the panoramic ocean view of the Pelican Hill Resort? Of course is  the joyful celebration of Ci Ci and Samson tying the knot to become officially married. Our team had a great time working on making their dream comes true!

California - Cal Tech | Karen & Jesse 10.7.2017

Surrounding by the Mediterranean-style architecture at the Athenaeum, we witnessed the flawless wedding of Karen and Jesse and their devoted love to each other. It’s our honor to reveal their love story with our cameras and creativity!

California - Temecula | Andrea & Andrew 5.5.2016

Mount Palomar Winery features the natural beauty and the meticulous vineyards, with the setting of elegant and sophisticated, our team was fully inspired by the love, joy and laughter from Andrea and Andrew’s wedding.

California - Los Angeles  | Renee & Robert 9.25.2016

Marriage is not just about two individuals, it’s about the bonding between two families and more. At this Diamond Bar Center, we were all part of the beginning of Renee & Robert’s lifetime happiness together as one. It’s such a great pleasure that their endless love story were told by our team.

California - Newport Coast | Stephanie & Tory 10.24.2016

How does it look like when your dream comes true? Check out this glorious wedding at the Pelican Hill Resort, we brought Stephanie and Tory’s very own fairy tale to life. A magical wedding like this always brings us satisfaction when we make it real!

California - Santa Ynez | Linda & Ace 6.6.2015

Talking about making dreams come true, we were the magic hands behind Linda and Ace’s Star Wars wedding. This is by far the most outstanding wedding in the galaxy and we’re so honored to be part of it. May the love be with them forever!

California -  Riverside | Irene & George 6.30.2017

At the world famous Mission Inn Hotel, there is nothing but pure extravagance. We captured the iconic ceremony moments and also the delightful reception entertainments, nothing more but pure the priceless memories of Irene and George.

California -  Newport Coast | Jane & Young 10.23.2016

Here at the Pelican Hills Resort, we made their fairytale wedding dream come true! Jane and Young were amazed by the creative angles and unique techniques we used for their wedding video, they said they made the best decision by choosing us!

California - Riverside | Candace & Joe 6.26.2016

We were back to this breathtaking European architecture to witness the eternal love of Candace and Joe. They had the perfect outfits, the perfect weather, the perfect vows and the perfect cinematography on their perfect wedding!

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California - Chino Hills | Lizette & Juan 9.23.2016

Without families and friends, a wedding is incomplete. At Vellano Country Club, we are not just the witness of Lizette and Juan’s love, we are also witnessing the bonding of two families becoming one. Amazing moments captured by the amazing team! (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive love story video below!!)

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California - Laguna Beach | Angie & Teddy 8.22.2015

At the private oceanfront balcony of Surf and Sand Resort, surrounded by the romantic blue waves and the luxuriant gardens, Angie and Teddy exchanged vows to each other. We had so much fun working with this young couple and we look forward to yours too!

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California - Santa Barbara | Anita & Ariocha 7.4.2015

At the famous Four Season Biltmore, we are presenting to you the endless ocean front views, the blooming exotic gardens and the enamored love of Anita and Ariocha. We’re paying close attention to every details as much as you do, can’t you tell? (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive love story video below!!)

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California - Malibu | Brianna & John 9.18.2016

Cowboy boots on wedding day, why not? We made this fun, dazzling and gracious wedding video for Brianna and John at Calamigos Ranch. It’s definitely one of a kind production of our team, and also a piece of memory that can pass along to their next generation. (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive love story video below!!)

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California - Rancho Palos Verdes | Belinda & Kevin

Terranea Resort is the most romantic destination along the California coast. To begin a new chapter of life in front of the never ending oceanfront views was already the best, and we made their fantasy wedding to reality was even better!

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Show us your love story in Paris and we help you to spread it to rest of the world! We were so honored to be hired by these amazing couples for their engagement sessions. Don’t forget to check out their engagement pictures here too!

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Iceland is at the juncture of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, it is famous for the Icelandic landscapes such as the spectacular glaciers. However, we discovered a different side of Iceland during our trip this time, wanna find out more? Stay tuned.

Every move, every eye contact, every smile is full of the magical love between Chelsea and Alden. No matter how beautiful their sourridings were, their eyes were only attracted to each other. (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive wedding video above!!)

Without Lizette, Juan was incomplete. Without Juan, Lizette was lost. Together, they made a perfect circle, a perfect family and a perfect love movie! (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive wedding video above!!)

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Such a romantic story told by Brianna and John. Their sensational feelings towards each other were glorified through our lens and we can’t wait to do their wedding videos too! (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive wedding video above!!)

Nothing can be more excited than a proposal on the top of the mountain. If a hiking trail represents your life journey then who do you want to go through it with? The person who reaches the top with you is going to be your best friend, your soulmate and your other half.

Anita and Ariocha are deeply in love with each other, they shared the same vision of their incredible bright future, with kids, families and everything else planned. Again, what a heartwarming love story told by our amazing production team! (Don’t forget to check out their exclusive wedding video above!!)